Design System is one of the most effective tools to minimize the gap between design deliveries and the actual outcome in large organizations. It serves as an effective communication tool for designers and developers in the same organization and as a single source of truth for multi-interfaces products.

In this post, I will share the experience of the establishment of a design system at ClickSoftware. The purpose of the article is to encourage the establishment and implementation of such a system in other companies, thus improving one of the most significant factors in the development process, the communication.

Miliarium design system home page

ClickSoftware was…

A short guide for the dual reality of the startup designer

Parallel Dimensions

This might sound a little odd, but…

The UX designer lives in two parallel time dimensions! 👽

Let me explain. The rapid pace of the Agile methodology alongside the need to plan ahead, positioning the UX designer in a conflict. On the one hand, the UX designer has to stay on track for real-time delivery such as rapid artifact’s hand off, quick decision making, ad-hoc consulting, etc. …

Ofir Rushinek

I'm UX Designer base in Israel, Always looking for new opportunities to learn and to teach. Please reach out!

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